Thursday, June 29, 2017

June 2017

Welcome Summer! We are loving lazy days playing in the water and going to concerts and festivals. We went to the fairy festival and made our own little gnome garden.

We went to the soul concert stroll in sugarhouse and stood in line for 45 minutes for a balloon sword. The other parents standing in line were threatening a revolt to go to youtube and learn how to do balloon animals themselves. Ha ha The things you do when you are a parent.

We went to the princess festival to support our neighbor kids with cancer and Jefferson discovered the joy of a bounce house for the first time, but he would only go on the slide with dada. 

We had a great fathers day and celebrated with Pop pop and Grandpa, miracle we got this picture.
Jefferson and mama had a date night at Herriman days while dada was at Lynch Mob- one of his favorite bands. Jefferson spent most the time jumping in the bounce house. He was so excited to go in the mini fire engine and was so proud of his sticker. We shared his first Navajo taco and he was definitely a fan.
We went to the neighborhood Luau with some friends and got to ride a family fun-6 person bike with Jefferson in the middle. We saw the coolest sand castle and fire dancers.
We had a blast dancing at the beach boys concert.

Our lilies came out beautifully.

Most summer days we try to get in the water- seven peaks, the splash pad, the lake. And most evenings find us in the backyard- Jefferson splashing in his pool and mama studying Spanish on the porch swing (Thank you Brad for putting the porch swing together- it has been a game changer for summer).

And we celebrated birthdays with our cousins- Jane, Dixie and Forrest by taking them each to a birthday lunch.

Jefferson discovered his favorite place to eat- the trolley at the Old Spaghetti Factory.

Jefferson makes us laugh every day. He now refers to himself as Jefferson. He likes to find little cubbies to play in and while we were at cousin Sam's open house he discovered the dog house. He's also become a bit of a hypochondriac and needs "ice" and "bandaids" if he has a tumble. And his sleeping is not so smooth, he calls out now for almost an hour before he goes to sleep- sometimes quite upset with mama to sing him another song, but dada goes in and he quiets down (favoritism!) and when he goes down for a nap he plays for an hour before falling asleep. Maybe this is cue he doesn't need so much sleep or our schedule is super crazy because it is summer. Ha ha His favorites are still Wheels on the Bus, now Chuggington, playing with his train, his new set of keys from Kenna, and finding tunnels when we drive. And he will do just about anything for a sucker or popsicle.