Sunday, November 12, 2017

October 2017

Fall is our favorite time of year and this October was delightful. We took some spontaneous fall pics and captured the beautiful fall leaves. We went to Gardner Village and visited the Witches. We baked pumpkin sugar cookies with Grandma Dennis and then had a cookie decorating party with our Jefferson cousins and painted a birthday sign for Pop Pop's 65th birthday party- his 1st year over the hill. We dressed up with grandma and Pop Pop as pirates for our Hebdon Halloween party. We went to Boo at the Zoo and met for the first time Spiderella- my dear friend Becca (we have been friends since 6th grade)! And we went to trick or treat street in daybreak and Jefferson learned the magic of saying "trick or treat" and getting a treat in his pumpkin bucket. On Halloween night we went to Angie & Ryan's house and Jefferson went trick or treating with Dixie while I handed out candy.  We are baking lots more now that we have Mom Dennis' old kitchen aid and Jefferson will grab his orange apron and get the step stool and just throw all the ingredients in and even try and crack eggs and then turn on the mixer. He loves to bake.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

September 2017

September... welcome fall weather, football, Oktoberfest, and fall colors. We are a Utah family and are thrilled with our undefeated Utes- though the games have been very late this year. We had our annual lunch at snowbird and danced to German polkas. Jefferson mastered the climbing wall in our park and just in time because it has now been torn down and we are getting a new playground, but who knows if it will have a climbing wall? We turned our laundry room into a mini art room and have had fun with chalk, paint, and creativity. Our garden has overgrown with tomatoes- so so many tomatoes from just 3 plants! And because Jefferson just loves loves trains and has treasured his Trax ticket we took a fall road trip up to Heber and had some delicious cheese curds, fresh peach ice cream, and took the train to Deer Creek. It was a perfect fall trip with the leaves just turning in park city. 

Jefferson Amal is almost 3 and asserting his independence all the time. He is really not yet interested in the potty and gets quiet whenever it is mentioned. We were at the library and I asked the librarian about potty training videos and Jefferson burst out "but mama I don't want to get potty trained." Ha ha, he definitely is our little "wild thing" as the picture below demonstrates. He has to wear his sunglasses or crown everywhere- library, church, and people just smile. He keeps us laughing.