Sunday, May 7, 2017

April 2017

April few by this year! We joined a family gym and have been enjoying swimming. Jefferson is getting more and more comfortable with the water and will now relax on his back with someone holding him. We got library books about our ABCs and number and have been practicing them. We celebrated Brad's March Madness win with a Thai dinner with friends. We decorated for Easter and went to a few Easter egg hunts where Jefferson discovered Easter eggs have candy inside. Jefferson also was introduced to his stuffed bunny he got from our friend when he was born and now they are inseparable. He took bunny to the Easter egg hunts and just about everywhere else we have gone this month. It is soooo cute because he walks around holding bunny by his long ear. Jefferson also discovered in Easter baskets you find some fun things- like bubbles! And we had our annual family Easter egg hunt where Ryan took a great family pic for us. Jefferson sat by his Pop Pop playing his Tia's ABC game happy as can be. Jefferson is 2 1/2 and his personality is so fun. He absolutely loves the jeep across the street and is quite concerned with its every move. When we are out and about he points out jeeps and trucks and is elated if he finds a train or a bus. He loves loves "Wheels on the Bus" and now can sing the first verse en espanol. He counts (with prompts) to 30 in English and Spanish and knows the sounds of his letters. He is a little sponge soaking up everything around him. If he gets hurt he insists on a band-aide and often won't let up until he gets one and once he gets one he is very very protective of that band-aide. He is loving the fake credit card he got from the mail and puts it with his train cars in the big dump truck to keep it safe at night. And right now Dada is his idol, he wants to do everything just like Dada and be with Dada, say hi to Dada and if he can't he will say "I need my Dada". Of course Mama is just Mama not "my Mama." ha ha  

Sunday, April 9, 2017

March 2017

In March:

We celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday with Green Eggs and Ham. Jefferson kept saying "green eggs and ham sam I am." He really liked watching the little movie on you tube and still requests it.

Jefferson always likes to be a helper. He gets out his stepstool when we are cooking and insists on helping. Brad gave him a plastic knife to help peel carrots for our St. Patricks day dinner.

We talked about a different color each day and colored a white paper the color of the day, and then on St. Patricks day we made a huge rainbow and had out St. Patties party.

On a windy windy day we flew our first kite!

We visited Grandma and Grandpa Dennis

We took our cousins to the aquarium.

We went to see Beauty and the Beast.

We filled out our brackets for March Madness and made our wager for dinner.

And we got a lot of work done in our backyard and redesigning our living room.

Jefferson Amal is a little chatter box. He is commenting on everything and always asking questions. He has an inquisitive little mind. His cutest Jeffersonism right now is singing "making something is one way to say... I wuv you" something he learned on Daniel Tiger. He is very particular about the songs we sing before bed always wanting to end after prayer with Wheels on the Bus. He likes calendar time and calling his cousins and aunts and uncles to wish them a Happy Birthday. And his 2 little race cars rarely leave his hands. His little comforts are his dada's beanies (hats) and his grey/green jacket that doesn't fit anymore. He thinks turning off Elmo or Daniel Tiger is a capital offense and he Always asks for it- "hmm how bout Elmo mama"... "how bout wheels on the bus." and he seems determined to figure out the ipad code.