Monday, February 5, 2018

January 2018

Oh what do you do in the wintertime... line up cars everywhere in the house (including mama's lap while she naps), playdough spaghetti, stand on your head while you play, monster week, wait and wait for snow, go up the mountains to play in the snow, baking with mama, discovering the animal rides in the mall with dada, and of course a few train rides. It's been a mild winter but cold enough to keep us doing inside activities. Some of our favorite moments this month have been funny conversations with Jefferson. Mama was having a hard time getting her boot on and he burst out in his Daniel tiger song "just keep trying, you'll get be-tter." Dada was frustrated in the mall parking lot and said "where is the train" Jefferson answered his question right away with " the train is on the train track." Every show he watches (not too many shows) have their own special dance during the intro song and he insists you dance with him. He is getting better at letting go of his immediate toddler desires and stubbornness with the phrase "we can do it another day." He has been repeating, "it's ok, another day" when he gets upset. However he has become more and more of a picky eater and with just a look at dinner he determines whether he will eat it or not, if he doesn't want something he politely says "i don't want soup, no thankyou." Winter has made his parents (especially dada) his personal jungle gym. And our favorite moments sometimes out of nowhere he will give you a big kiss on the cheek and say "I wuv watching you." (He thinks he watches mama and dada, not the other way around.)

Monday, January 1, 2018

December 2017

What an awesome Christmas season we have had! Parties, lights, gingerbread creations, cookie baking, singing around the piano, caroling with the Jefferson family, and lots and lots of rest and relaxation. Some special memories are doing the chocolate advent calendar and reading a Christmas story each night together, watching Thomas the Train Christmas episodes over and over, loving our Christmas lights every time we stepped out of our house, train ride to Gardner Village and down town, and a Brazilian cultural Christmas dinner and secret santa.  Jefferson was elated with his new train for Christmas and he had so much fun introducing baby cousin Connor to all of his toys when we babysat him. Here's to an awesome 2018.

Monday, December 4, 2017

November 2017

This November Jefferson Amal turned 3 years old! We celebrated his "unbirthday" in the summer with family and friends, so we just spent his birthday week doing things he likes and seeing grandparents. We got birthday ice cream, a birthday hotdog, made birthday cup cakes and of course took a ride on trax to the Train Shop. He is starting to understand birthdays more and seemed to love his special week. We had a lovely "Friendsgiving" with a bunch of our friends and played an intense girls against boys game of charades- boys barely won. We decided during the actual week of Thanksgiving to skip events and stay home to potty train Jefferson, but we were able to have an early Thanksgiving with our Jefferson family where Brad and I showed off our first lattice apple pie. It was not nearly as hard to make as we thought. And the best part of the month was that Jefferson is officially Potty Trained and proud of it. He has nearly memorized the entire book- "Big Boy Underpants" and is so excited to keep his Thomas the Train underwear clean and dry. He also started getting the hang of the balance bike his cousin let him borrow and will cruise around the park like a pro.