Tuesday, September 5, 2017

August 2017

This August Brad was the happiest guy ever because he got to go the Avenged Sevenfold concert. He is such a rocker at heart! Jefferson slept over at Dixie's so we were able to have a weekend free to post celebrate our anniversary. We went to the concert and saw the new Planet of the Apes movie and had a tapas dinner party with our friends. It was so nice to be childless for a weekend and Jefferson had a great time with Dixie.
 Jefferson picked our first green pepper and we have had fun picking and eating our garden veggies. We have too many tomatoes (once again) despite planting only three tomato plants and have been having fun delivering produce to our neighbors and friends! And we are super proud of our gnome helping our flower pot grow from the seeds we planted. Jefferson is so observant of the gnome and makes sure he says hi to the gnome and bye to the gnome and that we give the gnome water.

At this point in the summer everyone is a bit warn out from the sunny days and the usual activities so we have had to be creative with our time- like making a crib a bounce house for a car, and making box cars and playing red light-green light, and learning how to play chess (not checkers- Brad corrects us every time) with dada. And of course our favorite past time of waiting for the moon on our deck. Like the rest of the world we were able to see the partial eclipse and it was super cool.

Jefferson is climbing and jumping off of everything now- still careful but a lot more adventurous. He loves to help us do everything including cooking and cleaning- he really loves helping mama clean bathrooms! His new phrase is "wait wait wait..." and then some correction- I wonder where he gets that from. And his other new phrase is "(sigh) fine..." We thought it would be a good idea to introduce him to the potty but he was more interested in using the step stool to wash his hands- hmm maybe next month.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

July 2017

July- food truck treats, carnivals, camping, concerts with fireworks, harvesting our garden, Dennis family activities, the 24th parade and swim party, Jefferson's 3yr old "un"-birthday party, lots of lake days, learning new sports, and just having a fun lazy summer. Jefferson keeps asking when can we go camping again. He had his first smore and probably wants "smore." He's gotten to the point of seeing food trucks on our bike ride up to the lake and saying "dinner time." Our Thursday food truck bike rides have ended up being a cultural travel experience as we try to get a different type of ethnic food each time. The best we have had so far is Argentine empanadas! Jefferson also had his first carnival funnel cake and was quite a fan. We were lucky to see lots of fireworks and he "loved the yellow ones" especially with yellow fruit snacks. It seems for a bit yellow was his favorite color but now he is liking green. We saw two Beatle impressionist bands and a few other fun concerts. Jefferson loves to dance at these outdoor concerts. Everything but the egg plant has fruited in our garden, though the spaghetti squash and zucchini produced a lot and then died. We had fun delivering zucchini to our neighbors that don't have gardens. The Dennis family had 2 weeks of fun with Stacy, Jody, Tanner, and Lindsey coming into town and the next week Cam, Babette, Hayden, Sydney, Clay, and Nick coming. We had lots of get togethers- some of the highlights were our first dinner at Red Iguana- yum (Thanks Jody), practicing golf swings, going to a car show and watching the most incredible sunset, looking for dance dresses with the girls, and swimming at the Provo rec center. On the 24th we went to Jefferson's 1st parade and he liked seeing trains and fire engines but it was so hot and muggy he was not such a fan and was very happy to swim with pop pop at the party after. We had family and friends come to celebrate his un-birthday with water games and a yummy bbq- good job Brad with those yummy kabobs. We have gone to the lake a few times and have had fun the floats and paddle boards. Jefferson has learned the very very basics of golf and baseball and our mini baseball games have been a riot. 

Jefferson is a little over 2 1/2 months and full of energy. He has proven nap time is not his favorite unless he can sneak in a toy or two and is now officially done with the sleepy sack. He makes us laugh everyday with his "Jeffersonisms"
Costco= "samples", Ikea= "hotdog", Walmart="bikes", Culvers= "icecream", Fans="windy", Hold me= "I want to carry you". He knows all the characters of Chuggington-"Wilson, Brewster, Cocoa, Enzo, Faustini, and Action Chugger." And our favorite recently is, "No Mama, let Bert sing." ha ha.